Updates @ the Ferrari shop!

Today I’m proud to announce (finally) that I’m finished with the 2017 redesign over at SportAuto.
New updates include social media platform integration. We are finally jumping on the social media wagon!
Updates include a V12 engine rebuild / Ferrari repair blog, a new youtube for better correspondence, integrated all social platforms directly into the site on their own respective pages. All with posting guidelines and deadlines for timely updates!

If all goes to plan, there will be a lot more SportAuto Ferrari media out there really soon!

Check it out!


Intro to web development

LEGACY POST IMPORTED FROM (Oct 29th, 2015 8:46:02am)

Here is a presentation for the basics of web design using javascript, css and html that we built for a club in my school. We highlight the syntax, structure, placement, and linkage of various pieces to show everyone how to get a site off the ground. The presentation is intended for a novice audience so more advanced developers should look elsewhere.

(Open this link in a new tab or download before viewing)

Intro to Web Development Tutorial