But why should I care about net neutrality?

Net Neutrality, a term you may have heard a lot in recent times thanks to the renewed attack on our civil liberties, is all about the control of the internet through ISP’s. Right now, for the time being, your ISP can not throttle your bandwidth to any website you visit, as it shouldn’t be able to. Net neutrality means that everyone gets the same access to the internet. Without it, we could see things like: not being able to use Youtube or Netflix because you didn’t buy a video streaming internet cable package, or Youtube not being allowed to operate without incurring fees in order to keep in the fastlane. This “slowlane / fastlane” setup means that ISP’s would have the ability to restrict bandwidth usage on any site they want, thus holding large sites like youtube hostage for fees otherwise users could be throttled. The internet was born out of basements and dorm rooms, it’s not a place where high barriers to entry should exist. If we have high barriers to enter the internet arena, it will hurt the active development and maintenance of the internet its self. By pushing out smaller companies, we will have less startups, less applications, less websites, and less opportunity. I’m here today typing to stand up for the things which make our nation prosperous and fruitful for all, not just the 1%.

Support net neutrality.
Support common sense economic practices.
Support each other.


Thanks for reading!


FPV headset V2


Lately with all the talk of VR headsets, and augmented reality, how can you avoid impulse buying one of the things for your phone? Unfortunately they offer basicially no support or even a list of supported devices. So with that, I gutted my nonfunctional vr viewer, put my own electronics inside to make a sweet new, cheap FPV headset!


Introduction to Raspberry Pi!

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Fun with Robotics: W506-6/4/15 DCC.

Yesterday the DCC SHPE club did a presentation for the DCC C-STEPs “Technology at Work” workshop during their student success week. The presentation was on building a raspberry pi based rover for beginners. The presentation includes info on Linux, Python programming and raspberry pi. Check it out through the pdf below!