Updated (tldr) Drone Build Tutorial

A cleaned up and shortened Powerpoint version of my drone build tutorial I did in a previous post. Was a collaboration with the DCC SHPE club. This presentation was for a live presentation with discussion and Q&A session on building your own drone.

SHPE Drone Build Presentation


QAV250 Drone Tutorial


This page was created as a place to document this project as it was built. Since the original setup a lot of modifications and optimizations have been made which I try to go over and highlight as best I can in the tutorial. One issue with writing a tutorial like this is that there are just so many components that could be made to work for the project, therefor I go over the concepts of how the setup should be be more than the actual pin out and wiring diagrams. Research and documentation will show you how specific components need be setup. But regardless I’ve been through it all so I can answer most questions about the build, help with those gritty details when you hit them, and help if you hit a dead end and get stuck.

Before we start: A note to all

Before anything. I just want to mention how important planning is before starting any project. The most crucial part of this whole project is power distribution. Almost every powered device on the drone needs to be plugged directly into the battery. When attempting to get every on board device connected to a common power source issues are bound to show up. Please plan out your power connections meticulously and carefully!

Also* this thing is not a toy and can be dangerous in the wrong circumstances (calibrating motors with your face right next to the thing, test flights in public places, etc) Be careful! Please be careful to not hurt yourself or anyone around you!! Be respectful!

Good luck everyone! I hope your first drone brings you as much joy and excitement that mine has brought for me! and hopefully not as much blood!

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Intro to web development

LEGACY POST IMPORTED FROM (Oct 29th, 2015 8:46:02am)

Here is a presentation for the basics of web design using javascript, css and html that we built for a club in my school. We highlight the syntax, structure, placement, and linkage of various pieces to show everyone how to get a site off the ground. The presentation is intended for a novice audience so more advanced developers should look elsewhere.

(Open this link in a new tab or download before viewing)

Intro to Web Development Tutorial