The new face of online monetization

When developing ideas into applications and projects, one question resurfaces over and over again: monetization. How do you monetize something without hurting the user base? Charging a fee to use a system creates a barrier to entry to the user and offering a free application with built in advertisements will hurt the overall user experience of your application. Users will flock to any well built and purposeful service which offers software for free while simultaneously giving a rich, ad free, user experience. The solution has thankfully appeared in the last few years, and that solution is blockchain. If we borrow a small amount of a clients computer resources while they are visiting the site / using the app etc, we can monetize in ways we never could have before. This monetization model will be the future of software applications. No charges, no ads, and a monetization method which focuses on concurrent users rather than ad clicks. Today’s advertisement practices encourage users to click ads, making ads more and more invasive while seeking that accidental click. Using block mining monetization will rid the internet of pesky ads and intrusive annoying popups.

Now you may be asking: how much of my computers resources will be used? Thankfully using the cryptonote lightweight mining protocol uses little resources to run, and can therefore be used effectively while only utilizing a small amount of a clients resources. Using this method the miner can only run while the web page is open, and the user does not have to worry about being a miner client when not running their browser. Still curious about just how much of an impact a browser based mining client will utilize? Have you noticed that this site loads slowly or freezes up your computer? I didn’t think so either 🙂

One of the key points to this monetization method is properly informing the users. In a perfect scenario we should alert the user that their system will be used, ask if they would rather opt out to see ads, otherwise collect a fee in order to run the service with no ads / mining.

I sincerely believe that this has the chance to take advertising by storm, if you would like to discuss this concept more please get in contact!

Thanks for reading! 🙂



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