Anybody need analytical Cryptocurrency data?

Latest project is in full swing and heading strong towards the finish!

My latest program is a java based cryptocurrency data collector which collects data every minute for extremely granular datasets.

Every minute, 60 coins data sets are pulled down as a string, that string is parsed into 60 individual objects, which are stacked into an object which stores an array of coin data objects, and a date string which all 60 coins are associated with. these storage objects are then hashed to a hashmap using the date time string as a storage and retrieval mechanism. This hashmap is then written to a binary file for storage, which is loaded on program startup for access to history.


I now have access to extremely granular cryptocurrency price data for future analysis!! But as satisfying as that may be, I still need to clear some serious hurdles in creating my analysis algorithms.

If YOU might be interested in attaining said granular data sets, please check out some of the following links:

Buy data: Fiverr gig
See data: Download Sample

Thanks for reading!


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